Very close to our workshop location, this cozy little hostel offers a 10% discount and free breakfast for our Berlin Balboa Weekend Workshop participants. Book directly through their website or by phone. Mention "Balboa" when you check in and your discount will be applied.
+49 30 936 222 40



Still just a hop away from the workshop your will find the Pferfferbett hostel and apartment inside the historical Pfefferberg Brewery. To get a 10% discount, you have to book via phone and mention "Balboa".
+49 30 9393 585-18


Berlin currently has two airports. Tegel and Schönefeld. Nobody knows when the new airport will be completed. Tegel is located in the north-western part of town and you start you journey by a public bus before changing to the S- or U-Bahn depending on where you want to go. (ticket: AB zones) Schönefeld is located on the outskirts of town in the south-west and from here you either take the train or the S-Bahn (ticket: ABC zones).

Public Transportation

You can check the BVG Website for details about getting to your destination. On Friday and Saturday night most trains run all night. On other nights there are night busses that run all night but they don't run as frequently.

Public Transportation Ticket Info

Usually you will need a ticket for zones AB.
Arriving/leaving from Schönefeld airport, you’ll need an extension ticket for zone C or a ticket for all zones (ABC).
Short distance tickets (Kurzstrecke) are valid for 3 subway/6 bus stops.
Single tickets are valid for a trip in one direction for two hours.
If you do more than two trips a day, you might consider taking the All-Day Ticket (Tageskarte). The All-Day tickets are valid from validation until 3.00 a.m. the following day.
Sightseeing in Berlin? You can buy the Berlin Welcome Card including discounts for a lot of tourist attractions.
All-Day Group Tickets are available for up to five people.
For more than four days the 7-Day-Ticket is recommended.
You can buy tickets at the yellow ticket machines at any underground
or rail station and in the tram. Bus drivers sell single and day tickets, too.
Important: You have to validate the tickets before starting your first journey. The ticket validators stand next to the ticket machines.

Prices for Zone(AB)

Single Ticket (Einzelfahrausweis) €2.70 (2 hours)
Short Distance (Kurzstrecke) €1.70 (3 stops)
All Day (Tageskarte) €7.00 (1 day)
All Day Ticket Small Group (Kleingruppenkarte) €17.30 (1 day)
Berlin WelcomeCard €19,50 (48 hours), €27,50 (72 hours), €35,50 (5 days)
7 Day Ticket Eco Pass (7 Tage Umweltkarte) €30.00 (7 days)
Extension Ticket for Zone C (Anschlussfahrschein) €1.60 Extra Zone 


+49 30 443322 Taxi Funk Berlin
+49 30 261026 Funk Taxi Berlin