Are there any classes on Friday?
No. Classes are only on Saturday and Sunday.

What does the workshop and what do the parties cost?
The Workshop Pass costs 180 Euro and the Party Pass 50 Euro.

Can I come only to the social dances in the evening and not partake in the workshop?
You can register for a party pass in advance. We are not selling ticket at the door. Party tickets are only given out via registration.

Do you do any hosting?
We don't organize private hosting. If you want to be hosted, please use the BerlinBalboa Facebook Group or our Facebook Event Page to find a host.

Will there be auditions for the different levels?
No, not this year. We decided to group people into different levels according to the answers in their registration form.

What if I'm not happy with the level I'm placed in?
If you think you belong in another level please write an email to info@berlinbalboaweekend.de or speak to us at the event. 

What's the schedule for the workshop?
We will post the final schedule in the Classes section once the workshop gets closer. You can find a preliminary time table there now.

Can I sign up without a partner?
Yes, you can. The likelihood of getting a spot is greater if you sign up with a partner. Your partner does not necessarily have to dance in the same level as you. You can specify in the registration form if you want to be placed in the same level.

Registering as a single dancer
In order to provide for a good class atmosphere we will try to keep the lead/follow ratio relatively even, so there will only be a limited amount of free slots for dancers signing up without a dance partner. Once these free slots are taken, single dancers will be placed on a waiting list and notified immediately when slots become available.

How do I find someone I can sign up with?
You can connect with people who want to come to this camp through our event's Facebook Page .

Can I get a vegan lunch?
At the workshop venue the club is only offering a vegetarian and a non-vegetarian option. You can find a bunch of places that offer vegan food in the surrounding area.