Registration on Saturday starts at 10.30 am at Frannz Club. Or you can check in at the Thursday or Friday Party or before the workshop on Saturday.

Levels & CLASSES

There will be four levels, from intermediate dancers to those who are already very experienced. Every level will have 2 hours of classes with each of our fantastic teaching couples. Classes will take place in Frannz Club and Jangada on Saturday and Sunday.


Your level will be determined by an audition on Saturday at 11 am.

Only if you want to dance in the lowest group you don’t need to audition. Let us know at check-in and you will receive your wristband straight away.

For the higher levels, you will dance in couples in the level you registered for. The teachers holding the audition will hand out the wristbands during the audition accordingly.

If you are unhappy with your group, you can talk with one of the teachers from the audition at 11.40 am on the right corner in front of the stage in the Club room.

Lunch & Drinks

Pre-ordered lunches will be served at the workshop location. Don’t forget to bring your lunch tickets. If you lose or forget them, you will unfortu­nately have to pay again. You will be reimbursed, if you find your ticket.

There are various other options for food in the area along Kastanienallee, just a five minute walk away. There is also a supermarket (Rewe) next door, though it is closed on Sundays.

One liter bottles of water are available for one Euro at the bar in Frannz Club during the workshop.

Unfortunately it is not allowed to drink or eat at Jangada. Also, please change your shoes in the lobby and not in the workshop room.


Do not film the teachers during classes. You may ask the teachers if they are willing to recap the class material for you at the end of each class. Recap videos are not to be pub­lished online. Also, please don’t film other dancers during parties if they haven’t agreed to it.


To find your way around Berlin by train and underground, use this site which has a journey planner with all the train schedules that might be helpful: